Saturday, February 18, 2017

A New Hobby

Umatilla, FL

There are lots of activities in this RV park.   Numerous sports, crafts, poker and other card games, dances, bingo, hiking, concerts, pot lucks, and so on.   But my tastes are somewhat out of the mainstream.  For evening entertainment, I think guest lectures and a debating society would be lots of fun.  Whenever we can, Libby and I watch one of the debates from Intelligence Squared US.  But few or none of my neighbors share those interests.

But I'm delighted to say that I found a very agreeable outlet for my yearnings -- Toastmasters International.   I joined the Golden Triangle Toastmasters Club in Tavernes, and the Toasting Ocala Club in Ocala.   It has been very enjoyable so far.,

Heretofore, writing has satisfied my creative urges.  This blog (2906 articles so far), two books that I'm working on (very slowly), and (7 articles and 2443 posts so far).   But Toastmasters helps me to develop other verbal and social skills.  I love it.

This summer in Vermont, I'll try to find a Toastmasters Club there.

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