Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tropic of Cancer

Last night we crossed the Tropic of Cancer. We were told that down this far one can see the Southern Cross. At 0200 I could see four bright stars, due south near the horizon, in a form that sure looks like a cross. But neither Libby nor I have ever seen the Southern Cross before so we can't be sure.

This Pactor modem is amazing. It usually pokes along at about 300 bytes per minute. That is about 50 bauds. It does numerous retries to get error free packets. Once in a while though it must get a very clean communication and then it automatically zooms up to 7,500 bytes per minute. I'm not sure what the top speed is.

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  1. aren't you supposed to get some kind of tatoo when you cross the tropic of cancer for the first time?


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