Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Carnivore Heaven

LaBelle, FL
26 46.13 N 081 26.29 W

Several friends and family have in recent years become totally or partially vegetarian. We too eat much less meat than we used to. It just isn't attractive as it once was. Well, that outcome may have been totally different if we lived in the South within reach of a top BBQ restaurant.

We went to that restaurant I mentioned.  The name has changed, now it is Honest John's Log Cabin BBQ.  Boy were we glad.   I had pulled pork and Libby got Prime Ribs, both were absolutely delicious.  If that weren't enough, the ambiance of the place was great.  We did people watching.  We bantered with people at nearby tables.  We marveled at the pictures of local color on the walls.  A farmer came in with his family.  His face, turned to leather by the sun, was a dead giveaway -- it was the most stereotypical farmer's face I recall seeing.  He and his family were in a great mood anticipating the good food.

If that weren't enough, the new owners of this restaurant offered us complimentary Brunswick Stew before the meal and complimentary ice cream after the meal.   Wow, what a great time.  I'd like to return there tonight to try their fish.  Last night others were raving about how good the fish was.

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