Friday, March 23, 2012

Nice & Easy

Fort Meyers, Florida
26 39.09 N  081 52.49 W

That was a nice and easy outside passage.  Moderate winds, almost no waves, no becalmed periods, not too hot, not cold, no rain, no threatening traffic.  That leaves little to complain about.  It was just plain nice out there.   Besides, at three times during the passage we picked up a dolphin pod escort.  With good luck like that, what could go bad?

The distance from Marathon to the Fort Meyers inlet is about 120 nm.  We allowed 24 hours. As it turned out, we had to take down sails to slow ourselves down to avoid arrriving at the inlet before dawn.  Navigating at sea in the dark is fine, but it is not nice on the ICW or similar waterways; especially those we aren't totally familiar with.

We arrived at Fort Meyers, just after noon and picked up a mooring.  Then we took a well earned nap.

Tomorrow, we aim to fulfill our real mission here.  Two years ago we came t o Fort Meyers, but did not go to the Edison house/museum because the admission price of $20 each was too high.  Blog readers let us know that we made a bid mistake -- it is well worth the $40.  Tomorrow we'll rectify that.

p.s. Trouble with the new propeller.  Oh no!  I'll write more about that later.

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