Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not Quite Farewell To Marathon

Marathon, Florida
24 42.40 081 N 05.68 W

This morning, with help from Brian and neighbors, I went up the mast and replaced the anchor light with a new one.  It does not appear to be working, but now the cause must be below, not aloft.  Sigh.

Next item, the safety pin on the prop nut.  I studied the nut carefully, and it would be very difficult to drill a hole where I need it.  That's because of a flange that changes the diameter.  The hole would have to span both diameters, making it impossible to drill.  I'll take the chance without it.  There is Locktite on the threads, and the nut is very tight.  Sigh.

Next item.  Remember the blog post from a few days ago about the catamaran that did a "wheelie" when his 75 foot mast struck the 65 foot power line?  Well, now that power line sagged down to less than 60 feet.  Rumor was that it sagged to less than 40 feet.  Boats trying to get in or out of the harbor were damaged as they too hit the sagging line.  The news traveled up and down the East Coast, and soon everyone heard abou tit.  I think it was that catamaran that did tht damage.   Flash update -- a boat with a 61 foot mast made it under the wire this afternoon; the sag must have been corrected.

We have the dinghy on deck and secured.  The bicycle is on deck and secured.  The generator and wires are stowed and secured.  The Monitor self steering is rigged and ready.  We're pretty much prepared to go.  So we could leave right now.  But I'm feeling beat.  I need a nap more than a sea voyage.  Therefore we'll try at first light tomorrow.

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  1. I don't know what your shaft nut looks like, but have you considered a castellated nut ?

    Bill Kelleher


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