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It seems like just yesterday when wrote a post called Kilopost to mark the 1000th article published on this blog.  Now, here we are at the 2000th article.  Wow, some things go fast.

Since the Kilopost , much has changed.   Notably, Facebook grew from a minor site for college kids to a monster with nearly 1 billion members.   Twitter didn't even exist back then, but now it is well established.  I feel pressure every day to use Facebook and Twitter instead of this blog.  Blogging is seen as quaint and old fashioned by the technical elite.   All things considered, I like what I'm doing.  The frequency and length of my writings on this suit me well.  To the extent that you're still reading this blog, evidence suggests that you like this format too.

Why do I do it?  Because I enjoy it.   Where do I get the ideas for thousands of articles?  Simply by observing life around me and nature around me.  A second motive is to keep my family and friends informed about what we do.  In rough numbers, about 2/3 of my articles are observations, and 1/3 are status updates and travel journals.

I continue to have the mental model that, aside from family, my blog readers enjoy it because it describes the daily life of cruising.  My posts are not just highlights.  They include low and mid excitement days too.  Reading it contemporaneously (whew, heck of a word) makes one feel almost part of our crew.  It is our daily soap opera on the water.

A few times I toyed with the idea of turning this material into a book.  I've been stymied by that.  On one hand, the volume is too big. In book form, this blog generates about 500 pages per year, or 3500 pages per 7 years.   Too much.  On the other hand, I think much of the appeal of my writings is that the posts are more than just highlights and summaries.  As I just said, the day-by-day narrative conveys what life is really like for a cruiser.   Therefore, a "best-of" extraction of articles runs counter the the whole theme.

I do wonder if I might make a few bucks by making the blog archives a Kindle, Android, iPhone, and iPod app.  People would pay a monthly subscription and the app would make it easy for readers to start at the beginning and read as many posts as they like at one session.  No doubt they would take a year or two to read all 2000, and thus generate more monthly subscription fees.   So far, my musings have not motivated action.

How many of you have read all 2000 posts?  I'm sure that Pete and Dean have, maybe Chuck too. Jenny and Rich read almost all of them. If you too read all the posts, I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Dick, I have to confess that the reason I started reading your blog was because I was in charge of the office pool to determine which would happen first; (a) You got swept overboard in a storm, or (b) Libby pushed you overboard. Happy to report that we were able to donate the money to charity. I still check the blog every day.


  2. I'm Chuck, a landlubber, and an FM '62 high school classmate of Dicks, and as he guessed in the P2K post, I have read all the entries in his blog. When I first discovered it about 3 years ago, I spent a couple days and started at the beginning and read all Dick's earlier posts, and since then I've followed it every day. Getting it as a daily email is great too. I also occasionally send Dick's posts to the almost 500 FM'ers I have email for from our class and many on either side of '62 as well. We're all hoping Dick & Libby (FM'63) are able to make it to our 50th reunion this July!

  3. No connection but found the blog some time ago. Liked what I read and then went back and started reading from the beginning. Have indeed read every post and look forward to the new ones. You write well and it is fun to vicariously cruise with you in spite of the fact that we cruise weekends and vacations, but eventually a lot more, in a 25 foot trailerable outboard powered trawler. Thanks for all your effort.


  4. Dick - I first started reading your blog about a year into your trip. After reading a few posts I went back, and over a month or so read all those I missed. I'm much interested in your trip from a personal stand point. Our house is finally for sale - the Bristol 35.5 is ready to sail and I'll be following in your wake as soon as it all comes together on our end.

    I've often thought I should have marked specific blogs where after reading, I thought " I need to remember that". Of course I didn't, so I'll either learn those lessons the hard way myself or if I'm fortunate, reread your blog before those inevitable events occur. Here's hoping I will have the opportunity to meet you in person long before P3K hits the Blogosphere!

  5. Hi Dick, from another Chuck, in Portland Oregon----I've read your blog daily for the last 4 years plus went back to read earlier missives and appreciate them all. Your format (blog v Facebook) works well for me, consider that many of your readers might not be the youth of Facebook--and that your audience here is using OUR comfort zone to gain access to your thoughts and travel experiences. Hope you don't migrate it elsewhere where "membership" or "login" is required, though by now I'd follow, so satisfying is it to read your posts. Thank you again for your persistence, and willingness to write about even the days that are your low points; we learn, and we RELATE. Thank you, and enjoy the FL weather. Still cold and wet in Portland, OR. Chuck Holmes

  6. I just Newly visited your blog dick
    ill be going to bookmark this blog of yours when i have vacant time ill be visiting this again..

  7. I started reading about 2 years ago. This is GREAT stuff. I read about 8 or 9 post and then went to the beginning. Took me about 3 weeks to ketch up. I have about 10 sailing blogs I follow. Your blog I check every night. Please don't change it. I really look forward to it every night. Keep up the good work.

  8. You're #2 in line every day behind Drift Away but before many more. Love your writing and ready for you guys to head back out!

  9. Yes, I've read all the blogs.

    Terri s/v Vixen

  10. Yours is the first blog I look for in the morning, Dick. I like your writing style and your sense of humor. Keep up the good work.

    Dave m/v Drift Away

  11. Pete has read every single one.

  12. Hi Dick,
    I have been reading your blog since Jerry Allen told me about it this past year. If you remember, I was Jerry's roommate at Clarkson and also from Massena.


    We live in Maine and I see you've made a couple of visits here in the past. Jerry and Phylis usually get up here on vacation in the fall and we have been meeting them for dinner in Portland for several year's now.

    I hope to see them this summer for our 50th high school reunion in Massena. My how the time has flown.

    Keep the blogs coming and have a safe trip north.

    Don Mattice


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