Monday, September 03, 2012

Family Weekend

Shelburne Bay
44 24.33 N 073 14.21 W

Well, we had quite a weekend with family.   The climax was Saturday night when we had  ten people on board for a dinner cruise out of Burlington.   Today only my sister Nancy is still here from out of town.   Nancy, Jenny, Libby and I had a great sail here in the bay.  Now as I blog, the three of them are doing girl talk on the forward deck. Great day!

The weather seems to know that it is September. Until a few days ago it was hot,muggy and hazy.  Now, the weather turned.  It is deliciously cool and clear.  Evenings are what we call sleeping weather.  Today it Is sunny and a delightful 13 knot wind made it perfect to sail in circles around the bay.  I've also seen the first mirages of the season.  That is when the air is colder than the water and we see images of islands from beyond the horizon.  The islands appear to float in the sky.

We will be heading for New Bern, NC sometime soon.  We're in no hurry though, so we plan to enjoy more of September here on the lake than usual.   There is only one drawbridge that stands between us and the Dismal Swamp.  That is the Gilmerton Bridge in Norfolk.  We just got notice that the scheduled week-long closure of that bridge for construction work was postponed from September 5-13 until some unspecified time.   Pessimists will bet that the unspecified closure will happen 10 minutes before we get there.  Which are you, optimist or pessimist?

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