Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Intervention

Whitehall, NY


It is great to have friends. This morning we got a call from Roger and Carolyn. They are going to drive up here to do an intervention and give us a break from boredom on the boat. That's GREAT. Thank you so much.

It is not sunny today, but maybe you can see the color progress anyhow.


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  1. Holy cow, Guys! We were just wondering how far south you were by now and when we checked your blog, we thought "Uh-oh". So we backed up to the start of this latest string of misadventures and read through them, feeling your pain all the way. Hopefully, you'll be southbound soon and can put that electric heater in the Never Bag!

    We're in Huntsville, AL on the Tennessee River, headed for the Gulf Coast. We'll pull Pogo out down there and put her on the hard at a friend's house for the winter. We'll be at the Vero Beach condo Monday after Thanksgiving, so if you haven't already blown by, be sure to holler at us when you come through.

    Fair winds & Be safe
    Love to you both


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