Sunday, September 09, 2012

Time To Migrate

Vergennes Vermont

I feel like a migratory bird.  The temperature of the air, the color of the sky, the angle of the sun, the smells, and the falling leaves all tell my brain "It is time to migrate south."   Believe me, the urge is powerful but we don't want to leave.  September and the first half of October are the most wonderful time of year here in the Northeast, and especially on the lake.  Alas, migrate we must.  We have a few things to do, but later this week, we'll start heading south.

This morning I sat on a bench under a tree delighting in how pretty and how pleasant it was.  It was cool in the shade of the tree (about 65F) but all around me was bright sunshine and more warmth if I wanted it.  I could hear the birds chirping and the Vergennes waterfall roaring.  The lawn and earth smells were appealing.  All around and on the decks of the boat are yellow leaves falling from the trees.  Those are just the early leaves,  peak color is still three weeks away.  Anyhow, it occurred to me that there is nothing in Florida nearly as nice as this.  Florida has its own charms, but Florida at its best is nowhere near as nice as The Northeast at its best.  I guess that reflects our backgrounds.  We are natives to this region and no other.   But wintering up here on a boat is out of the question.  Migrate we must.

p.s. Right now we are back in Vergennes again despite having said that we won't come here any more. The explanation is that the lake level has come back up. Last week we had a 3" rainstorm and the lake level rose by 3" (wow, that's a handy calibration to remember). Yesterday we had another major front and storm come through and today the Vergennes waterfall is chugging. The level in the creek here is up 6". :-)

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  1. Beautiful photos, Dick. You should take more pics.

    Question- do you mean you won't go to Vergennes anymore? Or Lake Champlain? Either way, what does the lake level have to do with it?


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