Monday, September 24, 2012


Whitehall, NY
43 33.27 N 073 24.13 W 

Gulp. I always say gulp when I'm about so spend a lot of money. In this case it is the right thing to do. The injector shop is working on my pump. It should be back in a few days.

Next, I heard that my new transmission arrived at Beta Marine in North Carolina. We had planned to have it installed in Oriental, but now we changed our minds and had it shipped here. That way we don't take the risk of the clutch failing completely between here and Oriental. We will install the pump and transmission on the same day ... A twofer.

We will have to lay out $3000+ for everything, but the expense is unavoidable. I still say, "gulp." It will also take extra time. We may not get out of here until next weekend or even Monday. That means our total delay will be on the order of two weeks.

On one hand we get to enjoy the fall up here; it's the nicest time of year and very beautiful. On the other hand I know that offshore passages along the Jersey Shore in October can be very cold indeed in an open cockpit; brrrr.


  1. Sounds exactly like the right thing to do. That's a big passage to be making with a questionable transmission.

  2. I must agree completely with George and Carol. We were concerned about that trip for you two. Hope it all comes together well.


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