Friday, November 02, 2007

Scenes from Cumberland Island

Fernandina Beach, Florida

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My friend Carmello responded to my recent invitation to sail a gale with the following: "If I understand correctly, you'd like me to leave my warm house, fly down there, expending time and treasure, to spend three days inside of a rolling washing machine? Sure, sounds like fun. Actually, if it weren't for logistic issues on my end, I'd love to gain the experience." That reminds me of an experience of my own. I was sailing with friends near Stockholm. I was wearing my foul weather gear pants but not the top. I went on the forward deck and squatted to do some chore. Just then a big wave broke over me. It filled my pants and my boots with cold water. My thought at the moment was, "Now why exactly do I think this is fun?"

Actually, the waves from Hurricaine Noel are keeping us on the inside again today. It's my b'day but I got no break from the weatherman. Actucally I'm going to treat myself. I'm in the Seattle's Best coffe house in Fernandina and I'm going to buy copies of botht the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal as self-indulgent treat.

I really hope that Noel doesn't do anything really bad to the northeast. Hang tight everyone.

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