Saturday, May 03, 2014

Go, Stop, Go

Wrightsville Beach, NC
34 06.713 N 077 52.372 W

Well, we finally made it to Carolina Beach State Park yesterday at 1800.  It was a very hard slog against that ebb current.  Not recommended.  

On the up side, it gave Libby a chance to gather about a bushel of prime length, prime quality, pine needles.  CBSP has the best ones we've seen anywhere.

This morning, I went on a ranger led tour of the park's carnivorous plants.   That was instructive, because in previous tours of that park, we never spotted them.  Now I know better what to look for.  Also on the tour was a troop of boy scouts and their leaders, who were camping in the park.  I invited the whole troop back to Tarwathie to see a cruising boat.  Then I rushed back to the boat to warn Libby about what I had done.  No problem, the boys got their tour.  They were suitable impressed, and both Libby and I had fun.

By the way, on the plant tour I learned that they do proscribed burns at the park regularly.  The very short pine trees, less than 6 feet tall, get burned regularly.   Those are the ones with the best needles; much nicer than the needles on the adult trees right above them.   I'll bet that the fires are the reason why the needles here are better than elsewhere.

My plan was to motor to Wrightsville Beach today, anchor overnight, then go out the inlet and sail to Beaufort Sunday.   Libby had a better plan.  We'll go outside tonight, sail overnight, and arrive in Beaufort in the morning.   That's what we'll do.

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