Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rescue of The Bounty

New Bern, NC
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My friend, Doug Campbell, is a co-author of a new book "Rescue of the Bounty"   I just finished reading it.  What a fun story to read.  Doug is a long time reader of this blog and a very seasoned W32 blue water sailor.

All our cruising friends will recognize much of the story.  It speaks of familiar places, familiar ports, and weatherman Chris Parker.   The talk about ship systems and ship's operation are also familiar to cruisers.

The best part is that it feels like three stories in one.   

First, it leads us up the ladder of suspense as a whole chain of errors that underlay the cause are detailed.   It starts on the first page.  When Libby started the book she exclaimed WTF on the first page.   Major accidents are almost always caused by a chain of errors, not a single mistake.  I was struck by the gap between the excellent reputation of the captain and crew and their actual performance which seems inexcusable in hindsight.

Second is the descent into chaos and oblivion as the consequences of the errors lead to doom for Bounty.   Sailors like me will understand the frustration of Bounty's crew because they are so helpless to change the destiny.

Third is the story of the rescue, allowing all but two of the crew to escape death.  The rescue alone is a great story.

Hats off to Doug and to his co-author Michael.

The lesson to all of us -- discipline and diligence is vital to safety

One of the Elizabeth CIty C-130s
Above.  I went to an air show yesterday and saw a C-130 that may have been one of the planes in the Bounty Rescue.  On board, I got to meet some the crew who were involved in the rescue.  Cool.

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  1. Dick,
    Thanks for letting your readers know about Rescue of the Bounty. For me, the research into the cause(s) of this tragic event was humbling, reminding me of many lessons learned and too often forgotten as I head to sea, among them, this: Time constraints have no place aboard a vessel. Sail only when it is prudent.


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