Monday, May 05, 2014


Neuse River, near Minnesott Beach, NC
34 57.871 N 076 43.506 W
So, we will be in New Bern this afternoon. We'll stay there for nearly a month. So let's say thst this phase of our migration is done. So how did it go?
We left Marathon (reluctantly) nearly three weeks ago. Since then:
  1. We did an overnight passage on the outside to Fort Myers
  2. We stopped two days in Labelle, where we are ourselves silly at The Log Cabin BBQ.
  3. We spent a night in a Clewiston, our first time there. Conclusion: not much of interest there.
  4. We had a nice sail across Lake Okeechobee, and got stuck in a barge traffic tie up at the St Lucie Lock.
  5. We spent nearly a week in Vero.
  6. We traveled up the ICW to Jacksonville.
  7. We did a two night outside passage to Winyah Bay and The Wacamaw River.
  8. We ducked weather for three nights, and had fun with our friends Bo and Joyce, in Myrtle Beach.
  9. We travelled up the ICW to CBSP (see the neat sunset picture from there).
  10. We did an overnight outside passage from Masonboro Inlet to Beaufort Inlet.
  11. Now we are here on The Neuse River.
So, when we do start moving, the events list piles up quickly. Note that one of the three weeks was spent on a mooring in Vero. If we had stayed in Mrathon those three weeks, the time would have flown past, and hardly anything noteworthy would have happened.
So, how fast or slow is it to migrate from The Keys to New England? Our typical time is two months, but that is because we make numerous prolonged stops. If we pushed along every day, it would take a month. In theory, if we got in The Gulf Stream and stayed outside wpthe whole time, we could do it in A week or 10 days. This year, it will. E more like 2.5 months if we stay the full month in New Bern.
A soft rule we try to follow is to never reach New York City harbor before June 1 (because the water is too cold if we GDR there earlier). Considering that things are still thawing up there, doing it two weeks later this year sounds like the right thing to do,
Our southward bound soft rule is to reach Florida no later than November 1. Otherwise, we begins to run in to cold and stormy weather.
Carolina Beach State Park
Carolina Beach State Park
The real soft rule for the whole year is to follow the nice weather. Summer in the north, winter in the south, and fall/spring in the mid Atlantic States. Pretty simple rule huh?
In lat/lon what I call our sandbox is 25-45 degrees north, and 73-81degrees west.

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