Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Sky The Sky

Neuse River, NC
34 56.959 N 076 40.382 W
The passage up was short apbut sweet. Just the right amount of wind, but too much wave action on the beam. We rocked and rolled enough to. Beat a record.
Last night on my watch at 0200, I moved my cushion to the forward deck and just admired the stars. They were spectacular. Especially ice was the Milky Way which stood our strongly. Of course out at sea we are far from light pollution, but some nights are much clearer than others. I think it must be low humidity wpthat makes the air clearer. I had a great time just star watching. Not one meterorthough.
Coming into Beaufort Inlet we saw what appeared to be some drama. There was a small tug punching in a. Huge floating dredge. The tug appeared to be losing the battle against the wind and was losing control. A giant sea going tug came up behind us, and a river poilot came out from land. They and we all met at the same place at the same time.
The little tug backed off. The pilot went on board the barge. The big tug replaced the little tug. But then after one might surge of the big tugs engine, it backed off and headed to shore. Then the little tug returned. After 15 minutes, the big tug did a 180 turn and returned to the scene. We didn't hear any radio traffic, so we couldn't really know what was happening.
My guess is that the little tug lost control, asked for emergency help, but then tried to weasel out of paying the enormous bill for the enormous tug. But in the end someone (the pilot?) called the big tug back.
We have a very quiet anchorage today. We will catch up on sleep and loafing.

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