Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Too Big To Fail

New Bern, NC

By the way, I've been teaching courses on Excel up at the library this week.  Why?  Just because I love teaching.  I volunteered to do the same at the Marathon library last January, but they had to ask permission of the head librarians in Key West.  I'm still waiting on them to get back with an answer.

Here's something I did as a bit of original research just because I was curious.  It is a perfect case for library research.

I remember reading Fortune Magazine in the 1960s, especially the Fortune 500 list, and the Fortune top 10.  I wondered how the top 10 positions changed through the years.  You can see it below.

The names of the companies are in the cells, the colors identify the industries.

Top marks should go to General Electric.  That company (which I used to work for) has reinvented itself again and again.  Most companies fail to reinvent themselves ever and thus disappear.

What's the moral to the story? Nobody but nobody is too big to fail.

If the picture is chopped off, click on it to see it full screen.

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