Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another Season Comes To An End

Marathon, FL

We depart Marathon tomorrow.

It always makes me melancholy when we call the end of a season and we move on. That's especially true when we leave Lake Champlain and take our last views of the mountains. It is not until Tarwathie is out at sea that our heads turn away from what is behind us and we focus on what is ahead.  Heading north, that happens as we pass under the Seven Mile Bridge.  Heading south, that happens as we leave NY Harbor, and round Sandy Hook, NJ.
I guess that is evidence that we must be enjoying ourselves.

This has been a very strange year.  The winter weather was bizarre. Then, two weeks ago winter stopped and summer started without even a single spring-like day.   The good news is that the three times we had company, (Jen&Anna, Katelyn, and Steve&Barb) the weather was very cooperative.

We'll sail up Florida's West Coast to Charlotte Harbor, and leave Tarwathie there for the summer.  The boat yard appears to be reasonably secure from hurricane surges.

We will also have a crew member for this passage.  Our friend Lynn will join us to gain some offshore experience.   That will make it pleasant because Lynn is a sweetheart and we like her company.

After that, we'll work our way north (while tent camping) to North Carolina.  We'll spend time with Dave and Cathy.   In mid May, our granddaughter Sara will be married in Green Lakes State Park in NY (about 3 miles from where Libby grew up).  Then on to Vermont, where Libby can indulge her greatest passion; working in Jen's garden.

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