Friday, March 18, 2016

Still Learning Lessons

Marathon, FL

I was going over documents and papers we carry on board.  I found this picture which is a reminder of our recent 11th anniversary on board.  The picture is from our first night on board Tarwathie. Aw. Sweet.

But I also learned a lesson.  After 11 years on board we are still learning lessons about living on board a boat.  Look carefully at the document snippet, from Libby's will.

I asked Libby, "Why do we have so many documents that aren't signed.  What's the use of that?"   Then, I realized that too many of them were unsigned.  Upon closer inspection, I see blue smudges next to the signatures.  Yes, that's right moisture had erased the signatures while the documents sat in storage.

  • We should have used a permanent ink pen to sign.  We signed them in the lawyer's office, he should have the right pen.  I have no explanation about the wrong pen.
  • We should store such documents in a safe deposit box with a controlled environment.  But without a home base that has its risks too.  I bet that after 11 years we would have a high probability of forgetting which institution the box was rented from, and almost zero chance of locating the key.  It would work well only if the box was in a bank that we visited frequently.
  • The real solution is what we do with many other things; we leave stuff with Jen and let her take care of it.  That's what we'll do with these wills and proxies and stuff.

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