Friday, March 11, 2016

Oh My Freakin Head

Marathon, FL

I was bad today. No, I was double bad today.  No, I was triple bad today.  No, I was QUADRUPLE BAD.  Oh my Freakin head.

It all started when I parked the car like a jerk.  As I was walking away, I noticed that the car was at an angle crossing the line and taking two spots.  I went back to move it.

But I needed something from my backpack, so I opened the trunk to use it as a table.  The instant I closed the trunk I cried "OH NO," my keys were in the trunk.

The Toyota dealer gave us only one key when we bought the car.  They said ",$275 for a second key."  I was pissed, so I declined.  But I wasn't entirely stupid.  I bought a key and a Hide-A-Key magnetic box online.  But the new key was dumb, not smart.  I had it cut so that it could open the door, but it would not start the car because it lacked a chip.  I put it in the Hide-a-Key box under the car for use in case of emergency.

I should have been covered, right?   Wrong.  When I looked under the car, no Hide-a-Key box could be found.

The marina has a jimmy tool, but they lent it to the sheriff (cops lock themselves out even more than civilians).   I waited 6 hours for the sheriff to bring it back, but he never did.

I watched some YouTube videos about opening Toyota doors. Then I went back to Tarwathie for tools, and tried to unlock it myself.  I scratched some door paint, but I failed to open it.

Libby called Toyota for advice.  They said call a locksmith.  The nearest locksmith is on Taverneir Key, 50 miles away.

Instead I called the local tow truck.  He came, and he opened the door in 3 seconds (I timed it), for $60.  That computes to $72,000 per hour, but I wasn't mad.  I was relieved, and I tipped the driver.

Finally, I could move the car that I had parked like a jerk.  As I did so, I ran over my tool box -- a tool box that has been with me since 1974, and that I considered an heirloom.

Oh my Freakin head.

Edit: I corrected the $/hour.


  1. Well, it is comforting to know that I (and many others who would never admit to it) am not the only one to have "Freakin Head" days. It is sad thou to hear about your tool box.

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  3. I know all about second keys costing a fortune. My car came with only one smart key. It was a snowy winter and I was carrying groceries into the house. That key fell off my key chain and got lost. I called a locksmith because I couldn’t even drive to the dealer to buy a key. It cost me about $200.


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