Saturday, November 21, 2015

Marathon Yet Again

Marathon, FL

Well, the overnight sail was nice, and it feels like home returning to Marathon.  For the next 6 months, we may take some side trips, but this will be our base.

We are expecting a visit from Jen and her friend Anna in December.

The only problem with the trip was the excessivly dense fields of lobster traps.   In the dark, you can't see them or avoid them.  When it was my turn to go below and sleep, I could hear them thumping on the hull.   Three times (or was it four?) we snagged a pot and our speed dropped from 4.5 knots to 2.  Each time we were able to fix it by backing up at full speed for 100 meters.  

Once, Libby heard our propeller cutting up a foam buoy. I'm glad it didn't wrap around the shaft, but I worry that it may have scraped off our fresh new Never Wet.

By the way, if we did not succeed in getting rid of the pots by backing up, the only alternative is to dive in the water with a sharp knife in my teeth.  At least the water is warm down here.  But I wouldn't do that at night.

I guess, we will have to restrict our sailing in Florida Bay to daylight hours.

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