Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Special Coffee Brew; Something in the Water?

Sarbucks, First Street, Fort Meyers, FL

The weather doesn't look favorable to leave for Marathon for next 50-60 hours.  Therefore, we decided to stop at the Fort Meyers Boat Basin overnight.  We've heard it mentioned favorably several times before.   It cost a more than I like ($1.80/foot with the Boat US discount.).

So what is there to do in downtown Fort Meyers?  Not much.  We went to the Edison/Ford estates before.  So here I am in Starbucks.

But wait, my vente Pike coffee isn't just Starbucks good, it is GREAT!.  Then, deja vu kicked in.  I searched the archives of this blog, and yes on 3/15/2010 Libby and I sat in this same Starbucks in Fort Meyers, complaining about how little there was to do in downtown Fort Meyers.  We sat at the same table where I am now, and I remember remarking that the coffee was the best coffee I ever tasted.  Is it possible that they do something unique in the Fort Meyers Starbucks?  That sounds unlikely.

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