Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Libby's Pride and Joy

Near Saint Augustine, FL
29 55.113 N 081 18.088

We are killing time again.  We set the alarm for 0530 to assure that we get to Saint Augustine early enough for the 0730 Bridge of Lions opening.  Our ETA is 0740, so we'll have to kill time until 0830.  Such is life for boaters.

The picture shows Libby's new pride and joy.  It is a beautiful hand made rug.   Libby asked her friend Joelle from the vessel Miss Jo to make it for us. It was a massive effort.  Joelle said that it took her 5 hours per day for three weeks to complete.  It makes Tarwathie more elegant with this commissioned work of art.

My contribution was that on the first day we had the rug, I insisted on driving 10 miles to the store just to buy a can of Scotch Guard.  Libby applied it right away.   That very evening, we had Chris over for dinner and we spilled a whole glass of red wine!!!  The rug came out fine with no stains.

Technically, Libby said that the rug is mine.  It was my birthday present.  Ah yeah, sure.  That reminds me of when I bought an iPad and declared it to be Libby's iPad.  Have you ever gifted with an impure motive?  Don't answer that.

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