Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ah, The Bloom of Youth

Labelle, Florida

Even as I lament the effects of age, we were presented with a live example of impetuous youth.  The vessel in the picture below pulled in beside Tarwathie.  As they approached I and another boater offered to help with their lines.

They had no lines ready.  Then I heard the girl say, "This is our very first time at a dock.  We didn't know we needed ropes."  Holy s***.  We got her to scramble and find two pieces of rotted clothes line; each about 5 feet long.  Fortunately, there was no wind or current, so the pilings held her in place while we got things sorted out.  Neither of them knew how to use a cleat, so we showed them how do to it.

It turns out that they are a sweet couple.  They bought that sailboat 6 days ago, and just started cruising.  They had never been on a sailboat before, and their knowledge of boating is nearly zero.

But they are learning.  Their first night at anchor in an un-sheltered place with strong winds was terrifying; but they survived.  They have been aground 3 times in 6 days, but they got themselves off without help from a tow boat.  Their tale was very reminiscent of our early days, when every day brought a new "opportunity to learn."  Those were great days.

Well, I donated some lines to them, and Libby donated advice and tips when they visited Tarwathie.  We also donated a cup of witch hazel for the poor girl who was covered with no-see-um bites.

But our best chuckle came when they told us about their dinghy.  It is an inflatable kayak with a hole in it.  To get the two of them ashore, one paddles furiously while the other pumps air furiously. OMG LMAO.

It is much too early to tell if this couple will transform themselves into experienced cruisers.  But as long as they stay away from The Gulf Stream, their chances of survival are very good.  No matter what the outcome, I'm sure they'll recount it to their grandchildren as the "time of our lives."

No matter how much amusement this couple provides for boaters, they are out there doing it while their contemporaries remain safe at home dreaming about doing it.  Join me in saying,  "We wish fair winds and following seas to the intrepid crew of Moondancer."

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  1. John & Jane Timmons11/17/2015 9:06 PM

    Hello Dick and Libby! Oh, my!! How lucky is this young couple to have "run" into you two! And yes, they ARE out there doing it, and we're here in wet and chilly Missouri planning, planning, planning...we even bought a cleat on a piece of wood to practice. How boring are we? But we salute their energy and nerve and there's maybe even some envy going on around here!
    Fair winds and following seas, Moondancer!

    Jane and John Timmons


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