Friday, November 06, 2015

Swarms of Gremlims

Port Canaveral Yacht Club, FL
25 24.436 N 08 37.743 W

Ay ay ay.  I complained the other day about gremlins.  Little did I know that there were lots left over.  Yesterday:

  • When I checked the engine, I found lots of salt water in the pan. I took the hoses off the other day for an emergency fan belt replacement.   Now there was a leak.  It took 30 minutes to clean up the water, and get salt off the engine, another 30 to find the leak, and 15 minutes to fix it.
  • When done fixing the leak, I found that my left wrist was all cut up and scarred.  It seems that there was a sharp burr down where my hand was working that cut me again and again.
  • My cell phone died.  It has been acting up for a while; problems with charging.   But now it quit entirely. That cuts me off from the Internet.  Those of you who know how Internet addicted I am, know what a big crisis that is. I'm using the yacht club's wifi now.
  • The day became opressively hot.
  • Our chartplotter died, with the message "GPS module not repsonding."  That happened once last week on the St. Johns River, but turning it off, then on again fixed it.  This time that didn't work.  Since we were about to go to unfamiliar places, I wanted it to work.  I theorized that it was the hot temperatures.  I tried putting the GPS into the freezer.  That worked!  At least it worked for 15 minutes until it warmed up again.   This morning, in the cooler temperatures, it works fine.
  • When entering the yacht club, we had to drive down a narrow alley.  We did that at dead slow speed.  But yikes, I saw two men pushing a large sailboat out of their slip directly into my path, only 15 feet away.  If I stopped Tarwathie dead, we would loose steerage and be subject to the cross current. I scrambled for my horn. Oh no, our compressed horn died.  Libby and I shouted and the men saw us at the last second.  
  • When we got all tied up in a slip, I rushed to the shower to cool my body off.  I was feeling weak from heat exhaustion.
I hope that's enough gremlins for this weekend.  Friday-Sunday we will be enjoying the Westsail Rendezbous.   More than 25 people and 7 boats are expected.

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