Saturday, September 17, 2011

All Systems GoH

The Hudson River
41 59.44 N 073 56.77 W

The mast is up.  The sails are out.  We're sailing down the river.  Only 100 miles to the sea.  Life is good.

Still gotta check out a number of things to make sure we're seaworthy, but I can accomplish that before hitting NYC.

p.s. At Riverside Marine Services where we put the mast up, there were a bunch of other sailboats doing the same thing.  They were the boats that took shelter in the Erie Canal Locks 2 and 3 at Waterford.  They rode the storms fine, but they were stuck in those locks for 3 weeks.   Boy were they glad to be out.  

A Quebecois couple in the group could barely speak English 3 weeks ago.  Today, their English is excellent.

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