Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green Light, All ahead half.

Whitehall, New York
43 33.26 N 073 24.14 W

The Troy Lock reopened Tuesday and the word is that the Champlain Canal will reopen Wednesday.  We have an escape path!   We could have left Whitehall Tuesday, several other boats did.  However, we'll wait until Wednesday Morning and proceed slowly.  There are several reasons for going slow.

  • A boater in Waterford near Albany said yesterday, "I went and had a look at The Hudson today. I would not want to be out there."
  • We heard the following from Andrew and Vanessa on Tally Ho"Well, we left Baltimore on Monday and within 2 hrs. we needed a tow to Annapolis. The debris in the bay is amazing. We were hauled this morning and the log that stopped our engine and prop was removed. $$$ later and we are on the move again. It's a little scary out here, like navigating thru a mine field. Not sure why we are in such a rush!!!!!"  
  • The lock master here says that there are numerous boats waiting at almost every lock along the Champlain canal eager to proceed.  There will be big surge in vessels leaving at the same time.  We hate crowds.
  • I called Riverside Marine in Catskill where we raise our mast.   Mike, the proprietor, said that mine was the 5th call of the morning.  There will be a surge of boats there waiting their turn, and Catskill is boring place to wait overnight.  
So, we'll go but go slowly.

The good news is that our trip down the Hudson will take less time than normal because of the outflowing current.  A friend this week sailed from Washington DC to The Chesapeake in half his planned time.

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  1. That's good info, Dick. Pam and I are planning on heading UP the Hudson on Monday, September 19, to either the Castleton Boat Club or Shady Harbor Marina, and then head back south on October 2nd. Maybe we need to rethink those plans.

    Good luck to you and Libby.


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