Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still Landlocked

Chipman Point Marina, Onwell Vermont
43 47.96 N 073 22.53 W

Our mast is down.  We're ready to head south.  However the Champlain Canal is still closed.  We have been calling the lock for an estimate; no estimate on reopening date yet.

The devastation below continues to amaze and horrify.  The second flood (the one caused by Tropical Storm Lee rain) brought down a highway bridge over the Mohawk River.   It also flooded Waterford, the place were many boats too haven from the first flood.   The visitors center at Waterford (which you have seen in numerous pictures on this blog) is under water, the floating docks are submerged.  No boats are visible in the pictures.

We heard the gossip yesterday that many boats were washed over the federal dam in Troy.  One of them was reported to be an 80 foot long boat.  The lock can not reopen until they clear away some of the sunken boats and send down scuba divers to inspect.  

So, we'll just hang around the southern part of the lake until at least lock 12 reopenens.   Our fears of being marooned until the lake freezes are renewed.   Probably irrational fears but nevertheless.

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