Friday, September 30, 2011

Canal task force created in 2007 still has yet to meet

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You read on this blog about all the terrible things that happened to the Mohawk River because of floods following Tropical Storms Irene and Lee.  Now read an excerpt from the Daily Gazette, the Schenectady, NY newspaper.

Stephen Boese held up a stack of letters he's received from a variety of New York state agencies, all responses to his question: What is the status of the Canal Flood Mitigation Task Force ?  
From those responses, Boese said Wednesday, he's learned "nothing."
That's because the Canal Flood Mitigation Task Force , created by the state Legislature [in 2007] following the 2006 flooding that inundated communities along the Mohawk River and canal system, hasn't met yet.

So. if there ever was a case where we should tar and feather politicians and run them out of town, this should qualify.  Don't you think?  Should we take bets on how much compensation and perks the task force members have received?   Do you think the Gazette would publish the names of task force members; no.

I have been criticized for being too cynical and too anti-government in my politics. I don't agree; obviously.  Here in the USA I see lots of evidence that government at all levels is more parasitic than benevolent.

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